Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sports Passes

Be sure to check back in the middle of July for All-Sport Passes and other ticket specials.

Schedules Up

Get a jump on your fall and winter sports season plans. The following schedules are posted on

Varsity Football - Complete
Boy's Varsity Soccer - Complete
Girl's Varsiy Soccer - 1-2 more games to be added
MS Soccer - Complete
MS A Football - Complete
MS B Football - will add Hannan, Hurricane, and maybe another game with Ripley
Boy's Varsity Basketball - Complete
Girl's Varsity Basketball - 2 more games to be added

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The New Stadium

WOW! The good weather has brought a lot of progress on our new stadium. Everybody needs to go check it out. I hear blacktop is going down tomorrow and Friday which means the turf is close to installation.

But wait, what are we going to call it? Nothing generic like Memorial or Alumni Stadium. But what?? Any suggestions?

Participate, Participate, Participate

You only go through high school once. It can be the best 4 years of your life, or not the choice is yours...

Seriously, make the most of the opportunities we provide at Point Pleasant. Our goal/wish is to get everybody involved, whether it be band, athletics, or clubs... be involved.

This next comment is directed at athletes, "BE AN ATHLETE!" Don't be a player for one team, be an athlete. I played 3 sports in high school, and if I had it to do over, I'd play 4. To often I hear kids talk about, "I'm just going to concentrate on one sport." That drives me crazy, help represent your school and comunity as much as you possibly can, PARTICIPATE!

If you play basketball, play soccer and run track. If you play soccer, try wrestling and baseball. Be a three sporter, it's cool... it's the way to go. The more student-athletes we have participating in 3 sports the better our school will be and the better our athletic programs will be.

If you are "concentrating" on one sport you are cheating yourself of opportunities and cheating your school of quality representation.

So student-athletes... Be a three sporter... it's fun... it's worth it.

Monday, June 1, 2009

What are you? What you are is...

The ever lingering question over the last couple of years at Point Pleasant Jr/Sr HS is, "Are you a Big Black or a Black Knight?"

Similar in nature for anybody that owns a shirt with 'BIG BLACKS' on it that wears it somewhere not in WV is, "What is a Big Black?"

So, when asked the second question, do you ever answer, "I am a Big Black." I bet you don't. I would be willing to bet you go into this long explanation, including the history of it all. Just to clarify what a Big Black is.

My question for this topic of discussion is this, "Do you understand the difference between a nickname and a mascot?" You would be surprised how semantically weak some people are.

Fifteen months ago, when steps were being taken to ween us off the 'Big Blacks' moniker, I was disappointed yet not surprised. Folks, the words, in and of themselves, lacking any context, is offensive. There is no question about that. But although I never considered myself a Big Black because soccer, basketball, and track were typically labeled Black Knights, I was hurt that this piece of our culture could possibly be at its end. So I proposed a compromise, if something is to have 'Big Blacks' on it, it had to have our new knight logo on it also. That's right, a soccer guy, saved your football identity, remember that next time you claim soccer is for communists. So now, instead of us losing "Big Blacks" we gained an identity. Now when you see a shirt with "Big Blacks" you also see a knight, which answers the question, "What is a Big Black?"

Ladies and gentlemen, there was never an assualt on the 'Big Blacks' name, it was an attempt to create unity and solidify an identity at Point Pleasant High School.

So what are we? We are Black Knights (mascot) who are called Big Blacks (nickname). Now more teams are using Big Blacks in their programs, and we are all using a common knight. Unity and identity... achieved.

What inspired this blog?? I heard some people have said, "If they put Black Knights in that new stadium I'm not contributing." Really?? WOW!! This is a disappointing statement, because it's not about a mascot, nickname, or history... it's about the kids. I don't care if we change our nickname to the Peeling Banana Slugs, change our colors to yellow and green... it's about the kids and supporting the kids that represent our school and community across the state.

So regardless of your acceptance of Black Knights or Big Blacks, a Big Black is a Black Knight. If you went to Point Pleasant High School and you consider yourself a Big Black, guess what you are a Black Knight also. None of this matters because to complete my title statement, 'What you are is a fan of Point Pleasant Athletics and the kids.'